Why I rejected Angularjs (and started using knockout)

We considered Angularjs for a recent project but rejected it for three reasons:
1) The routing mechanism produces ugly urls (not REST / human / search engine friendly)
2) The routing mechanism is required, but there is no capacity for authentication or roles associated with the routing.
3) If you want to use other JavaScript frameworks, such as d3 or rickshaw for other types of data visualization, you are forced to write an integration / wrapper layer to keep Angularjs happy.

There appears to be a strong sense among the Angularjs community that “one page applications are the future of web development.” I could not disagree with this sentiment more strongly and it is one of the things that drove me away, despite a general sense that it is a well constructed framework.

Ultimately what I was looking for on this particular project was a simple way to organize the front end of the application. Knockoutjs has proven to be exactly that – an unobtrusive framework for pulling data from the server and binding it to display elements. I can continue to use the more robust routing capabilities of my chosen server-side application framework (Tornado) and don’t have to spend time writing integration / wrapper code to use our chosen visualization frameworks either.

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